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The company is specializing in the following fields:



The company provides the following services:

• Concrete core hole drilling, core drill bits are available in various diameters.

• Concrete cutting by using special saw for cutting concrete, brick, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials.

• Expansion joint as well as filler materials approved by the consultants.

• Breaking down of the concrete piles

• Anchoring steel bars in concrete by using approved materials

Supplying all nails types such as

• Hexagon head nails, hardness (8.8 /10.9/12.9/H.V10.9), stainless steel, hot and cold galvanized.

• J BOLTS nails according to the required specifications in terms of diameter, length, hardness of the screw, and the quality of galvanizing, whether cold or hot.

• U-bolts come in all sizes and shapes, with many common features such stainless steel and hot and gold galvanized

• Various types of stainless steel and galvanized joints (5.8/8.8/B7)

• Galvanized and stainless-steel nuts and washers in all sizes

• Manufacturers of galvanized plates and studs in various sizes and hardness.


Bldg. No. 66, Taawenyat Semouha,

2nd floor, flat 22, Alexandria Governorate .Egypt


0122 4457314

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